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About: Stacy Kellams When Stacy Kellams was only seventeen he clearly articulated the path he intended to take in life. After watching his grandfather get “down-sized” after twenty-nine years with no pension or severance. Nearing his sixties, and depending on his pension for retirement, his grandfather was devastated. It was at that moment Stacy determined NEVER to have a job and NEVER give anyone that much power over his life. This fueled an already strong entrepreneurial spirit, and it was a matter of weeks before he and his best friend, Levi started a “peep-hole” installation business.Launching a real estate education business,, was the best method by which he could lend his experience and education to the most people possible. Using the internet allows him to leverage his time, so he can spend the maximum amount of time with his wife, Hilary and their three children.

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